This blog is not presented in chronological order. I like to mix things up a little, so the post order jumps around a bit--hopefully without being too difficult to follow. If you wish to navigate the articles in their correct order, you can do so from this page. I will be updating it I add posts.

1) Administrivia
Welcome, mission statement, justification, assorted other bollocks.

2) Boyhood of a Superfiend
How my terrible childhood in a stable middle-class home drove me to become a Software Engineer.
Misfits of Science
Robot Monster
Lions and Tigers and Bears

3) Tigerland
Finally, the real world.
Enter the Dragon
Tiger Stripes
Riding the Tiger
Dude, Where's My Car?
The Once and Future Programmer

4) Coming to America
Having decided that Australia was not, after all, the real world, I went seeking fame and fortune in the United States.
The Memory Remains
Waltz With Bashir
Bashir's Way
Eye Spy
Pattern Recognition
Two Strikes
Fear and Circuses
Revenge of Shinobi
Like a Rolling Stone
Rank and File
Package Vacation
Shave and a Haircut

4) Stooge
After being laid off, I took another job at a company Across the Bay, and fell from Office Space right into Dilbert.
Skull Ring
Raw Power
Dog Food
Down On The Street
Chairman of the Bored
Seek and Destroy
Living on the Edge of the Night 

5) Through the Looking Glass
I return to Australia and find work in Sweden.
Home is the Hangman
Upstairs and Downstairs
The Hours
Back to the Future
Storm Lord
The Pit and the Pendulum
Ars Moriendi
The End of the World as We Know IT

6) The Gunslinger
Contracting through the GFC.

7) Domo Arigato
Finally I realize a childhood dream: working with robots. And it sucks.

8) Childe Jared to the Dark Tower Came
You don't need a crystal ball to predict the obvious... but it might be useful for estimating software projects.